The Trinidad 40 – Documentation

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Nobody is safe in America if the police can use a convicted felon as a paid confidential informant without any corroborating evidence. This is all public information. The names of all persons involved are known. We have chosen to redact the names of the alleged defendants to avoid victimizing them again.

Alleged Defendant 1
Arrest Affidavit (Case # 13-TF-12)
Motion To Compel Prosecution Of ******* ******** (Case No. 13-CR-288)

Alleged Defendant 2
Arrest Affidavit (Case # 13-TF-37)
Motion To Dismiss (Case No. 13-CR-304)

Contact Us if you have any documents regarding “The Trinidad 40″ that you would like us to post here (arrest affidavits, motions to dismiss, etc…).

Check back soon! We will be posting new documents as we receive them and sensitive documents at the appropriate times.

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