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The Trinidad 40 – The Truth

The Trinidad 40 – Another Drug War Failure!
Posted on July 24, 2016

In December of 2013, a four month drug sting conducted by the Trinidad, Colorado, and Raton, New Mexico Police Departments, culminated in the arrests of 40 people for various counts of distribution of controlled substances. Immediately, several individuals began professing their innocence, with two out of the forty individuals arrested, in jail at the time of the alleged crimes.

Over the next several months, all of the cases were quietly dismissed. Shortly thereafter, the American Civil Liberties Union became involved, and immediately started dictating the narrative. The story told was directly beneficial to the agenda of the ACLU. Now hear the truth!

“The Trinidad 40 – Another Drug War Failure!” Information Page

The Truth

On March 9th, 2014, Shock Justice released “The Trinidad 40 – Another Drug War Failure!” in an effort to assist Danika Gonzales, in fighting felony charges brought forth by District Attorney Frank Ruybalid of Las Animas and Heurfano Counties. I knew Danika Gonzales, my first cousin, a probation officer, to be an honest, upstanding member of society.

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The next day Paid Confidential Informant for District Attorney Frank Ruybalid and the Trinidad Police Department, Crystal Bachicha, contacted Shock Justice. Crystal Bachicha, a convicted felon was later convicted of perjury in this very case.

District Attorney Frank Ruybalid released this informants name on January 13, 2014. Crystal Bachicha later admitted to contacting the Shock Justice website when questioned on the stand by Public Defender Christian Griffin.

This is Crystal Bachicha’s first message to Shock Justice.

From: crystal
Subject: trinidad 40 ci real facts

I am crystal bachicha and i have been trying to contact anyone who would listen since the beginning of this whole life changing entrapement. I never bought drugs, set up enemies, or even got involved. I have tried reaching out to th judge after failed attempts at the DA, whom i thought way better ethical standards than actual. I have suffered losses, assaults, decapitated puppy, damaged property/vehicles for all this mess. I emailed denver post the governor the denver office. everyone the lady at judge gerbachdts side joanne she responded “: yep thats usually how it goes”. Please stop making me look like a bad guy, im also a victim to this severe misconduct, civil rights violations, and also the receiving end of the retaliations . for what>??? absolutely nothing! where are the so called drugs ?? i never saw them maybe they should pull them out of their asses where the rest of this whole sting came from. did you ever think maybe i was wrongfully convicted in the past but no one listened to a “convicted felon” as yous state it/ but im asking now as ive been for months for help. please help me prove the forc e and da wrondful and these 12 innocent people innocent.. please im begging as i have been i am being framed and still being harassed . no one will listen?/ my family which includes a disabled husband a 16 year old a 13 year old and a 2 year old are and have been in danger . the main people we in danger of is the da and force. I ask that you at least hear my side and get it relayed to the judge or the right people . who knows how far the corruption goes in this bogus town… please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read the full email exchange here.

This email exchange lasted for approximately 6 days.

I started forwarding these emails to Public Defender Christian Griffin and Danika Gonzales on 3/13/2014.

Immediately this bogus drug sting started to disintegrate. Subsequently, all cases were quietly dismissed. In August of 2014, Shock Justice removed all relevant information from this website.

The American Civil Liberties Union then came in and took Danika Gonzales’ case, along with one other falsely accused member of “The Trinidad 40.” The news stories followed shortly thereafter.

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I felt strongly that justice would be served with “the nation’s premier defender of liberty and individual freedom,” the American Civil Liberties Union, on the case.

I was walking away. I was satisfied with the outcome of my efforts. I did this out of love, without any expectation of reward or compensation. The only thing that I asked of my cousin, was that she protect me.

Everything went to plan until the eleventh hour when the American Civil Liberties revealed themselves for what they truly are.

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